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Q. How long is the commitment for this campaign?
A. The Reimgaine campaign will last for three years

Q. What is the current financial condition of the church?  What are the plans to manage the current budget?
A.  Lavon Drive’s financial condition is stable, with general fund offerings sufficient to meet the daily operating needs of the ministry.  The staff continually monitors ministry expenses and looks well ahead to plan activities and programs within projected budgeted receipts.

Q. Why should I sign a pledge to the Reimagine campaign?
A. It is common for people to make financial commitments every day in the form of signed agreements.  A campaign pledge is an agreement or covenant between you and the Lord, to symbolize your “faith promise” to God.  The pledge amount and subsequent giving remain at your discretion, and you will never be approached about your pledge. A deliberate decision to obey God is solidified by completing a commitment card, which enables the church to know what to expect and how to make informed financial decisions.

Q. What are the different ways I can give?
A. Even a small gift, given regularly, can add up to a substantial donation over time.  Get creative—defer major purchases, hold a garage sale, get the children involved with extra chores around the house, reduce spending, give your tax refund.  It’s a great way to involve your whole family in giving up something you love so that you can give to someone you love even more… Jesus Christ.

Q. How can I help?
A. First and foremost, please pray regularly for our Reimagine campaign.
Participate in the events and meetings.  Make a commitment to learn as much as you can about the campaign and the vision it will help us realize. Give sacrificially.  The vision God has granted us can only be achieved through faith and sacrifice. We have the privilege to be a part of growing His Kingdom in these last days!

Town Hall Q&A

Q: Where is the handicapped seating going to be in the Auditorium?
A: There will absolutely be handicapped seating, but we don’t have specific rows and sections decided yet because we are not far enough along in the project to answer that specifically. It’s being designed in mind of those with limitations and handicaps. There will be theater/stadium seating and there will be more space for movability than what we currently have between the pews as well as more space in the aisles. One of the advantages of the new seating is that the seats pop up automatically when someone moves.

Q: Will there be armrests on the chairs?
A: If there are armrests, they will be the fold up type so that if some were in a wheelchair and needed to scoot across several seats, they could do so. We are also looking at leaving a space along the back wall that would be wheelchair accessible. Seating will be arranged in sections so that there is not just a solid row of seating to the back of the building.

Q: Has there been consideration of special monitors for those who are sight impaired as well as a sound system for those who are deaf or hard of hearing?
A: We have not gotten far enough along in planning to have the specifics on screens and monitors but that is a great thought and will be considered when we get to that point. We will be keeping a list of these things that are brought up in the Town Hall Meetings that can be discussed as we get further along in the planning process.

Q: How much room will Choir, and Orchestra take up on the stage?
A: Current choir risers which are concrete will remain. The difference will be that the main stage/platform will be one level up to where the choir risers begin. Retractable choir risers were investigated but were way out of our cost range. There will be a modesty rail that will be retractable if we need to take it out for special events.

Q: How much space will the choir and orchestra rooms take away from the lower floor of the Auditorium?
A: It will take only a small portion of the lower floor space. It is about 2 feet in from where the balcony ledge is now. This area will be enclosed on each side for Choir and Orchestra. The seating footprint will be reduced slightly but by using the theater type seating arrangement it will make the Auditorium feel fuller on lower attendance days. *visual on screen was used for clarificationThe size of both the choir room and orchestra room will be very similar to the size of the current choir room. It won’t be a huge space but will be sufficient for the size of our choir as well as the GCA choir, with room for some growth.

Q: Will we have the same existing slope in the Auditorium?
A: Yes, that will not change.

Q: Will the balcony change?
A: The physical footprint of the risers in the balcony will not change. The pews will be changed to stackable, interlocking chairs. These will be the chairs that we use during the renovation when we will have to move the services to the Gym.

Q: Will the railing be changed in the balcony?
A: We are looking at several options for railings, but it will be changed to something that you can see through for better viewing.

Q: Are we going to be able to address the exterior skin of the Auditorium and the East Wing?
A: Partially. We will be addressing the major portions of the exterior that are failing which are the lobby, front porch and the sides up to the circular portion of the Auditorium. The columns will also be faced with brick as well. This is all that we can afford to do in this phase of the project. *visual on screen was used for clarification

Q: Regarding Bridges Building – Since the buildings will be completely separated from the parents, what mechanisms are going to be put in place to reduce the opportunity that an aggressor might use to take advantage of somebody (a youth)? Have you considered putting cameras in and live feed into the main building?
A: We are currently investigating security measures. Our desire is to update security on the entire campus if we can do so within our budget. There will be no offices in that building, our current policies are set for no staff member or youth worker to be with kids alone in rooms.

Q: Are the restroom facilities in Bridges Building going to be sufficient in size?
A: The restrooms as currently diagrammed to meet the requirements of the building, but it is something that we can investigate as we get further down the road in the planning stages. If we made changes to the current diagrams, there would not be a significant change in price. We are open to your perspectives and feedback and will bring it up with the architects.

Q: Who gave you the price quote on the construction?
A: The architectural firm is a design bid company who has come up with target prices.

Q:Have you considered an elevator for Auditorium Building or lift chairs?
A: We did look into elevators. Building Code on a remodel does not require that we add an elevator. The Master Plan that was presented on Vision Sunday, January 21, 2018, was Phase One. There is a Phase 2, 3 and 4 components to this in the future (more than 5 years away) where we would address adding an elevator.

Q: Regarding Bridges Building – What is the space between the Café & Game room? *Visual on screen was used for clarification
A: It is an additional area of seating as well as a pass-through area from Lobby to the Worship area.

Q: Are we keeping the Organ?
A: Yes, because we are hoping to gain an organ player at some point.

Q: Is the sound cloth going to remain?
A: No, the sound cloth will be removed and replaced.

Q: Re: Bridges Building – Did you consider putting a hallway in Game room leading to Worship area, entry way in the case of a funeral, since it may seem inappropriate to carry a casket through a game room?
A: This has been discussed at length but not decided. Ryan Johnston explained that the space in the Bridges Building is being designed with very neutral finishes so that they will be able to create the environmental mood that is desired for the specific event by using environmental projection that will be available. Kyle Johnson suggested adding a double door to the worship area to allow for casket entrance. This may be a better solution than adding a hallway.

Q: Regarding Bridges Building – Will patio area be enclosed?
A: We are looking into having the patio area covered and fenced in, but it will not be completely enclosed.

Q: Are you going to change the Counseling Room from its current 3 stall design?
A: The plan is to use the Choir and Orchestra practice rooms that are easily accessible from the Auditorium. We can also use the backstage/green room area.

Q: Are choir & orchestra rooms going to be sound proofed enough to absorb all the sound?
A: There will be sound proofing, but it will not completely absorb all the sound from going into the auditorium. It will be enough that it should not be too distracting.

Q: If no elevator, can the stairs be changed up to the balcony?
A: It would not be cost effective at this point to change out those steps.

Q: Can the side stairs up to the platform be changed for those who physically have a hard time with stairs?
A: After the renovations, it will all be leveled to where orchestra will not have to go up steps to get onto the stage and the choir will only have a few steps to get to the choir risers.

Q: After the original offering, what kind of loan balance are you hoping to start with?
A: We have put a 5-million-dollar cap on this project and our goal, Lord willing, is to pay it off in 3-years of commitments. That may be a stretch for our church unless people really step up with some significant offerings that we have not experienced here in years past.

Q. Are you going to get a 6-year loan and hope to pay it off sooner or a 3-year loan and then re-qualify?
A: With interest rates currently being historically low, we are planning on a 15-20 year note to give ourselves as much leeway as possible. If we raise 2.5 million in a 3-year period, we would have a balance of 3.2 million to permanently finance. At a 5% interest rate, the payment would be $22,000 per month.

Q: Would there be a pre-payment penalty?
A: No, we would not sign a loan that requires a penalty to pre-pay.

Q: Would you consider doing a fundraiser where families could buy bricks to memorialize a loved one?
A: We are open to talking about anything regarding fundraising. If the Church votes affirmative on moving forward on this renovation, we will have several phases to move forward through before we start fundraising. Fundraising would not start until we start the construction phase and we will be open to looking to anything that is ethical that will help us meet this goal.

Q: During the time that we will be in the Gym due to construction in the auditorium, will we need additional staffing to help with set up and tear down of the gym?
A: Yes, and we have built that in to the proposed cost for construction. We will need to hire some part-time staff that specialize in set up and tear down, but we do not want to burn them out. We are considering some other options as to where we may meet, as in homes or other locations, on some Sunday nights so that the gym doesn’t have to be set up every week.

Q: Is there going to be someone overseeing communication to help guide people with questions as to what doors will be accessible so there is no confusion?
A: We will be doing our best to communicate during the construction phase especially on the things that are pre- planned, but I hope the church will be flexible during that time.

Q: Can we absentee vote since we will be out of town on the day of the vote?
A: No, our Church constitution will not allow it. You must be here to vote.

Q: Are we going to reach out to those who vote no?
A: It will be secret ballot voting, so we will not know which people vote for or against. Ron Richey added that we need to think unity no matter what the votes are. We want you to vote your conviction, but no matter what anyone votes, there needs to be unity. Pastor Robby encouraged everyone to pray for a spirit of unity around our church. Pray for God to make it very clear and that we would have a large majority vote either way.

Q: Where is the main entrance into the Bridges?
A: There are three main entrances: South entrance by game room, North entrance into the café, West entrance in front on patio.

Questions from Town Hall Meeting #2 (February 7, 2018)

Q: Is this project going to require fire sprinklers?
A: No because at this point the percentage of change in the building does not require it. We have researched it and we have it in writing from the City that it will not be required. To qualify that statement, we have learned from experience that the Fire Marshal can come in and change anything at any time, but at this time we have been told that it is not required.

Q: Are we changing out the parking lot lights to brighten up the lot?
A: We will be changing out all lights to LED lights in the parking lot, as well as adding more poles to brighten the the parking lots. The display does not necessarily reflect the locations of where the light poles will be placed. *visual on screen was used for clarification

Q: Is the second level, where the cross will be located, going to be available to use for extra space?
A: That space will be available for more square footage. As we get further into the bidding process that will be decided, but it will be constructed to where if we want to use that space we can. We plan on using it for storage since it will have very high ceilings. It will be accessible from the balcony on the side where the men’s bathrooms are located.

Q: Will the leaking in the Gym be addressed?
A: There was a new coating put on the roof back in October or November. Most of the leaks have been taken care of but there are a few more leaks that will be addressed by the same company that did the coating back in the fall. The roof should be good for at least another 10 years.

Pastor Robby shared additional information about renovations that we want to do inside the gym. It will happen in two phases. The first phase will be taken care of by the Church and in the second phase, we will ask school parents to help raise money.

Phase 1 – Adding insulation in ceiling, new house lights, increasing heating & air capacity, Lobby and bathroom areas on both sides will be totally remodeled. The Mezzanine on second floor will be walled off so that storage is not visible and so that it will be restricted from students during athletic events. Audio, video and lighting will be put in, so we can have church in the gym.


Phase 2 – Locker rooms upstairs and down, new basketball courts (after we are done using the gym for Church services), motorized bleachers, updated weight room.

Q: Regarding Future Phases…Will future phases be back to back with Phase I?
A: It will be determined by the growth of the Church. If it is necessary, there is a possibility of that happening, but we cannot promise anything for sure. We are now focusing on Phase I.

Q: Regarding Bridges Building…Since there will be no individual classrooms in the youth area, how will they break into groups for different classes?
A:There has been discussion and input from Bill Crockett and the teen workers. The plan is to use the Keyes building classrooms and fellowship hall, since after the renovations, that area will no longer be occupied withchildren’s classes.

Q: Handicap concerns with Theater seating & restrooms
A: The lady’s restrooms will be ADA compliant. As far as seating, we don’t have specific rows and sections decided yet because we are not far enough along in the project to answer that specifically. It’s being designed in mind of those with limitations and handicaps. There will be theater/stadium seating and there will be more space for movability than what we currently have between the pews as well as more space in the aisles. One of the advantages of the new seats are that they pop up automatically when someone moves. He assured that there will be more handicap seating than we currently have in the auditorium.

Q: Is the seating going to be tighter since we will be walling off part of the auditorium?
A: He commented that less rows will not be an issue, because with defined seating space, research shows that people are more willing to sit closer to someone if they have their own defined seat. The seats will be 23” wide. Also, if there are armrests, they will be movable. Additional Information: Pastor Robby mentioned that the handicap accessibility into the gym will be addressed as well.

Q: What is the seating footprint in the Auditorium?
A:1500 seats in Auditorium

Q: Will seats have dual armrests?
A: First, we are not far enough along to know yet if we will have armrests on the seats. Second, to my knowledge there are not seats available with dual armrests. He expressed that he will ask about the armrests in his next meeting.

Q: Is the Sound Room going to be upstairs where it is now?
A: It will still be in the balcony, but it will be reconfigured where the sound system will be at the level of the first section of seating next to the current sound room. Lighting, projection, video and livestreaming will also all be controlled in that same area.

Q: When we move into the gym for the renovations, is it a fact that we are going to do two services? Have you considered streaming into the Garland Room?
A: Due to the very limited space in the gym, it is very likely that we will have to do two services and we are trying to prepare everyone for that possibility.

Q: How long will we be in the gym?
A: They are telling us to prepare for 12-months.

Q: If we go to two services, how will that affect SS classes?
A: SS would be in between the two services. If we go to two services, everything will change, and everyone must choose a service they will attend.

Q: Will Sunday evening services be in-home, or can we use the Garland Room like we do on July 4?
A: Currently the Garland Room will not hold a Sunday night crowd. Likely but not definitely is, we will do something that is a combination of in-home meetings and some services at the church. The gym will be used from time to time for select Sunday night services, but we cannot use it every Sunday night because logistically it cannot be torn down in a timely manner to serve the School the next day. We don’t have it fully worked out but there will have to be some compromises made.

Q: Are we doing the Gym first and then the Auditorium?
A:If church votes yes, this will mean we will proceed by March 1 to get permitting started with the City. The work will start on the gym after VBS is completed.

Q: What is the capacity in Bridges Building?
A:The capacity is 200 and would not accommodate a Sunday night crowd.

Q: Will early and late services have childcare?
A:There will be childcare at both services.

Additional Information:

Pastor Robby asked for East Wing, first floor diagram to be shown on the screen so he could make a comment. He pointed out the nursery area (children check-in area, play area) on the screen and mentioned that there would be construction going on in there, and that we don’t know to what capacity that we will be able to use the East Wing, so there is a possibility that we may have to relocate the nurseries over to the preschool building. This will require extra set up and tear down as well.

Q: If Gym work doesn’t start until June, what is the risk that GCA will be able to use the gym whenschool starts in the fall?
A: There is a possibility that it won’t be ready and I’m sure we will have to play some games at a neutral site. We have discussed the idea of prioritizing the work so that the courts would be done first so that they can at least use them for games even if other things weren’t completed.

Q: Are we going to lose parking spaces during the construction?
A: Yes, we will lose parking spaces during construction, but we know we will have enough space to park, it just may not be as convenient as usual.

Q: What proposals are being made as far as improving the heating and cooling systems?
A: On both buildings everything will be brand new.

Q: Are they proposing a different type of system?
A: The original plan was to leave the original plenums and duct work and only replace our air handlers and condenser units outside, but the City said that will not work since we are changing so much of the footprint of the building, and they are requiring a system that is constantly pulling in outside air. He asked Bill Oats to expound with his expertise in air & heating. Bill Oats explained that when you go over a 5-ton system you must introduce fresh air. Anytime you remodel, air & heating systems must be brought up to code.

Q: Is the heating system electric in this building (Auditorium)?
A: Yes, the current system is 80-tons of A/C and heating.They suspect that with the new A/C units, insulation, lighting and roofing, we could save about 70% in energy costs. Pastor Robby mentioned that it currently costs $700 an hour to heat the building.

Q: Regarding Choir & Orchestra practice rooms – will they try to have those rooms on the same AC/Heating system?
A: They will be on separate systems

Q:Will we still be able to use the same condenser we just recently put in?
A: Yes, that is my understanding.

Q: Where is the Maintenance Shop going to go when the Bridges Building is renovated?
A: When the renovations take place, two of the classrooms in the Gideon Building will be vacated and the Maintenance Shop will temporarily move into that space. In a second phase of this Master Plan, the Maintenance Shop will be built that has a loading dock and all that they need to function. Two possible locations are either where the Gideon Buildings are right now or where the Tractor Shed is located.

Q: How many people do you anticipate will vote?
A: Though I don’t know how many people will show up, I would say around 500 adults. There are more than 500 members in good standing, I am just guessing from a normal Sunday that there will be about 500 here to vote.

Q: How many units of financial supporters do we have?
A: There are 600 giving units in our church, of those 600 units, about 300 units are who really carry the church. A giving unit (by typical church standards) is someone who gives $250 or more in a year. About half of the giving units are approx. giving $250 – $2500 in a year. The Core of the church are givers who give $2500 or more a year and that is currently about 300 giving units. We will approach everyone to prayerfully consider giving, even our mail-in offering supporters. The total project will require that we have at least 1.2 million committed to give over the next 3 years. We anticipate going into two, back to back stewardship campaigns to raise money, and then we will finance the remaining balance on a 15-20-year note. Our goal is to pay it off in 6 years.

Q: What is our General Fund giving in a year?
A: Our General Fund giving is 1.6 million in a year, our total giving is over 2.3 million. We would not move forward with this unless we had an additional 1.2 million spread out over 3 years.

Q: When we tell the architects that we are ready to go, how are the upfront costs going to be handled?

A: If the Church votes yes on February 18, the Public Phase (challenge our people to give) of Stewardship Campaign will begin in April and May. Commitment Sunday will be Sunday, May 6. Then on Sunday, May 20, we will have our First Fruits Offering. At that point, we should have money coming in regularly from May – December, and going by data that we have collected from stewardship company as well as other churches, that money should be more than enough to start construction documents that need to be prepared and will also be enough to pay for the gym. Early next year when we begin the heavy-duty construction, whatever we are taking in in the Reimagine Offerings will go toward the project. When the billing starts, we will take out a construction loan. Monies will go to the contractor from both the church and the loan. In other words, we are looking at a 5 million-dollar project but there will not be a 5 million dollar note.

Q: Where are they relocating the AC units on the north side of the East Wing?
A: They will put them on the roof of the East Wing. Further than that, the goal is to put everything on the roof and skirt it so that it is not visible. *visual on screen was used for clarification*

Q: What is projected time for gym to be done so we can move in there?
A: I don’t want to give a number, but we know it can easily be done before we need to move into it.

Q: Has thought been given to how the normal operating budget will be affected when we have to hire additional part time workers?
A: It has been factored into construction costs.

Questions from Town Hall Meeting #3 (February 11, 2018)

Q: Do we have a member of this church that will function as a Project Manager?
A: We will be hiring a Project Manager for this project. Whether it will be a member has not been decided. Additionally, there will be a Building Committee which will include Deacons, non-deacons and the Project Manager. These people will act as agents of our best interest over this project.

Q: Since the coffee shop will be in the middle of the lobby and intended to be open other hours than just during church, would it be more convenient and secure for the rest of the building if we moved it out to the front portion of the Lobby? He commented that this would allow us to have an entry from the outside.
A: This is something that was brought up in a previous Town Hall meeting and we will be considering this idea as we get further along into the project. He explained that the concern is that people visiting the coffee shop during non-church hours could possibly get further in the building and into the East Wing. Pastor Robby assured that all the Sanctuary and East Wing doors will be lockable.

Q: Concern was expressed about the placement Sound Room because it seems that the sound equipment would be less secure.
A: The decision for the placement of the Sound Room is necessary because the sound engineer needs to be in the same room where the people are seated. This helps the engineer to best judge the adjustment of the sound in the room. Pastor Robby expressed that the equipment he has seen in other places was secured by doors that scroll over the equipment and then are locked. The current sound room will be repurposed for video. He asked Doug Smith to expound on this information and concern. Doug reiterated that the sound room needs to be in the same room as where the people are sitting. He explained that we are utilizing the space that we have and that the Lighting and video will be in the same area. He expressed that it should be more than enough space.

Q: Pastor Robby expounded on a common question: Are we going to be sitting in a dark church with the lighting that is planned?
A: No, we just need the opportunity to configure lighting according to the event.

Q: Is there a possibility that we can have both pews and theater seats?
A: We have talked through that, but we have determined that the two just don’t mix in the same venue. Also, since we are trying to utilize the square footage that we currently have without adding more (which would add cost), we do not have space to do both. The theater seating is being used for space efficiency.

Q: What is the seating capacity in the Auditorium?
A: Currently the Fire Marshal says we can put 860 on lower floor, and they consider that with allowing 18” per person. We have never had that many adults on the lower floor because it would not be comfortable for most adults. We can comfortably seat about 600-650 adults. The seats that we are considering are 23”.

Q: Are there going to be pews in the balcony?
A: No. The seats in the balcony will be stackable, interlocking chairs and will be used while we are in the gym for renovations. Additional Comments by Pastor Robby – He expressed that he thought the Coffee Shop would be the most controversial part of this project but to his surprise it has been very well embraced. He explained that all profits from the Coffee Shop will go towards Missions. The area that we have touched the biggest nerve on, without trying to, has been the seating. The purpose of going with theater seating is to maximize the space that we have, it is not so that we can transform our style of worship to a more contemporary style.

Q: Will the café be open during the week and will you be hiring staff to run the shop?
A: The idea for the café is to have a place people can come to during the week and meet comfortably. It will be open at strategic times throughout the week. We will have paid staff to run it and it will be self-promoting. The proceeds from the coffee shop will all go towards Missions.

Q: If the choir and orchestra room will be used for counseling, will this not defeat the purpose for security of orchestra and choir members personal items such as instruments, purses, etc.?
A: The plan is to have cabinetry built into those rooms that will lock for safe keeping of personal items.

Q: Will there be times during this renovation that we will not have VBS?
A: During this renovation there will be some inconveniences that we just cannot predict at this time. There could be times that we are very limited on space, and we could find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have the space to do a quality VBS. We will be planning outreach during these times that may be done out in the community.

Q: Keeping in mind that we are trying to be more secure, why are we adding three more doors to the East Wing?
A: Those doors will be exit only, solid core doors but they will also give us more flexibility if we need to use them on occasion.

Q: In the Sanctuary, theater seating, what is the space between the back of the seat and the front of the next seat?
A: I don’t know, but I will find out. I can tell you that the architect said there will be more space between the seats in a down position, then there is currently between the pews. We have already asked them to go from 4 giant sections to 8 giant sections and this will allow extra aisle space. We are looking at a company with theater seating that we could go in and add temporary seating in some of the aisles for additional seating for special events.

*visual on screen was used for clarification*

Q: During the renovations, where will the Pathfinders be located?
A: Many classes will be displaced during the renovations, but we are not to the point of assigning rooms.

Q: Are you going to offset the theater seating so that everyone can see without obstruction of someone in front of them?
A: Theater seating will be situated in such a way that you will be looking between the shoulders of the person in front of you. This should allow everyone to see without obstruction.

Q: If there are going to be armrests on the seats, are you concerned that kids will be sitting or climbing on them?
A: We haven’t decided at this point if the seats will have armrests, but if we do, they will be designed with kids in mind and will be durable.

Q: When you say there will be more space between the seats, is that in comparison to our current front section of pews or the back section of pews?
A: I would say that it would be in comparison to the back pews.

Q: You said in a previous Town Hall meeting that you were planning on getting a 15-20-year note, isn’t this a lack of faith? He commented further that a note with less years would have a smaller interest rate.
A: I don’t believe borrowing money shows a lack of faith. It takes faith on either side of the equation. We learned some valuable things with the Coleman Center project. We didn’t have a plan on paying off the Coleman Center beyond the initial commitments that went for 24 months. We believe that we can pay this off in 6-year (praying for paying off in 3) but we don’t want to put ourselves in a position where we are having to scale back on ministry. I don’t want to get us in a position that we are dependent on future growth to be able to pay for something new.

I have been up front from the very beginning that we will be in back to back stewardship campaigns. I think there was a hesitancy to talk that way when the Coleman Center was built, but I just don’t see how we can do this without doing back to back stewardship campaigns to raise money. I have been praying for 18 months and have asked God to show us if this is His will and whether we should move forward with this project; and I asked Him to make it overwhelmingly clear. No matter what the vote is, we are not going to let a vote divide our Church and get us off the main missions which are loving God, loving each other and reaching the world. If the Church votes no, that does not mean it’s a vote to not spend money. We are going to have to spend some money. We will go back to the drawing board and come back to the Church with a smaller replacement project. If we do nothing, we will find ourselves in an Auditorium that will not be able to be used.

Further displeasure was expressed by one person with getting a 15-20 year note on this project. Pastor Robby expressed that the length of the loan note has only been discussed but nothing has been finalized. He expressed that this person’s comments and thoughts have been noted.

Q: Regarding Coffee Shop – Will everyone be paying for the coffee?
A: There will be coffee that people can have for free, and then there will be specialty coffee that will be for sale. It was mentioned earlier in the meeting that the money raised in the coffee shop will go towards Missions.

Q: Reference was made to some double doors in the lobby by the coffee shop that are shown on the diagram. Are they going to be a problem for temperature control in that room?
A: Those doors are fire exits and required by the Fire Marshal, but they will be closed and locked on a regular basis. Also, the type of glass they would be using would help prevent it from being too cold or hot.

Q: How are we going to offer opportunity for people to be personally involved and not just monetarily involved?
A: When the project begins, there will be opportunity to help remove pews, pull up the carpet and help clean up certain areas. As we get further into the project, there may be opportunity to help set up equipment. In the construction phase, we will be limited as to the opportunities that we can offer because of safety and insurance purposes. Once we move into the building, there will be a lot of positions opening for people to get involved in ministry such as camera operators, lighting crew, livestreaming operators, Coffee Shop staff, etc.

Q: Comment was made that there is no reason that we cannot pay extra principal on the loan.
A: Yes, we will make sure we have a loan that we can pay extra payments on the principal without penalty.

Q: Can we contact companies for donations?
A: There is a foundation that is managed through Bank of America (cannot remember name) that we can apply for a grant through once we get our final construction documents drawn up. They can give up to 50% of the costs that are directly related to the Worship Center. We have not written this into any of our financial plans, so we are not counting on one penny from a foundation to be able to renovate, but we will absolutely do everything we can to pursue this opportunity.

Q: Can the Cry Room be named Family Room?
A: As far as I’m concerned, we can call it Family Room.

Q: Comment was made that we need a better chair lift to get to the Second floor of the East Wing.

Q: Someone asked Jon Wood to put up on the screen the visual of the parking lot.
Are we looking at putting any down lighting or up lighting in the trees for better lighting as well as aesthetics? A: We are looking at all those options but some of it will come down to cost. We are converting the lighting on the existing posts to LED lighting which will brighten it up considerably. We will also be adding more light posts.

Q: Are the fire hydrants going to be more visible?
A: Yes, the fire hydrants will be marked better to be more visible.